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McGonigal earns Eagle Scout award

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Devin McGonigal of Peabody recently reached a goal that takes many years of preparation, hard work, and guidance from someone who knows what they are doing in the world of boy scouting.

On April 28, McGonigal will be awarded his Eagle Scout badge at First Baptist Church in Peabody.

“Devin is a diamond in the rough and it has taken him time to get where he’s at,” said Carol Smith, Devin’s scoutmaster since he began his career as a scout. “He has definitely grown and matured significantly since age 11.”

In order to earn his Eagle Scout badge, McGonigal had to complete several different tasks from an assortment of areas to earn merit badges and advance in rank. To receive recognition as an Eagle Scout, each Boy Scout is required to earn at least 21 different badges, McGonigal however, earned an impressive 37.

“A few of the things I have done are painted fire hydrants on Vine and Olive street, and gone on several camping trips, and sailing,” McGonigal said.

A Boy Scout representative visited McGonical’s school and advertised the benefits of the program when he was in the fifth grade. Being a part of the organization immediately interested McGonigal, and he has since taken a lot out of his experiences, and learned a lot about life in general. This has made him a well-rounded young person in our community today.

“I’ve learned to be a better leader, to not be so bossy with others, and also to be a better listener when other people have the floor,” McGonigal said about the qualities Boy Scouts has instilled in him.

His involvement in the organization has provided Devin with many memories he will cherish for a lifetime.

“Camping is my favorite, but my favorite trip was the National Scout Jamboree I attended in 2010,” McGonigal said. “It was a four-day trip to Jamboree City in West Virginia and we got to do a lot of really cool stuff.”

The National Jamboree is an annual event that houses approximately 18,000 tents, 3,600 patrol kitchens, and approximately 50,000 Scouts and leaders.

Behind every accomplished Boy Scout is a leader who not only knows what they are doing, but also takes the time and dedication being involved with Boy Scouts requires.

“I couldn’t have done it without Carol. She’s always there to help me and the other scouts out,” Devin said.

However, Boy Scouting has brought Devin something outside of memorable camping experiences, badges and developed skill in several areas. It has also given him insight as to what he would like to do upon graduating high school as an adult.

“My plan is to join the military and go into underwater welding,” Devin said. “The discipline of scouts is going to help me achieve that.”

Teresa and Roy McGonigal, both of Peabody, are Devin’s parents.

Last modified March 30, 2012