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MARION: Second grade - Staci Hanson

2nd Grade

Taught by Staci Hanson

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a new cowboy rope. I would also like some new cowboy toys. I want a cute puppy. I hope this is not to much. How cold is the North Pole? I would like a pocket knife. Have a merry Christmas.

Jaxon Kraus

Dear Santa,

For Cristmas, I want a puppy, a boxer, a lot of Barbies and a picture of you. A hoverboard and stuffed animals of Jack and Jill. Mario cart 8 and an electric scooter. Bean bag chair, tire swing horse, and a doll house. A time machine, more Wii controllers and an RC car. Also an Apple computer, covid to be over and lots of stuffed animals and an Iphone II Max Pro. P.S. I hope this is not to much

Madalyn Parmley

Dear Santa,

I want an RC car and a Lambo. A pocket knife a Jeffy puppet and a shark puppet and a gold scooter. I would also like a lime green scooter.

Eli Looney

Dear Santa,

I’ve been really good. Also how are you and the reindeer? Can I have a Windows computer with a spot for a memory card and $1 million? We will leave cookies and carrots for you. One more can you get rid of covid?

Dawson Jones

Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christams a PS5 and the new Xbox. The Jeffy puppet. The Jeffy puppet is from One more thing a little Lambo please.

Noah Delcostello

Dear Santa,

I would like a skatebord. I would like one with pictures of watermelons on it. I have a question for you how many reindeer do you have? I would also like a hair mannequin to practice hair. I hope you and your elf have a good Christmas!

Averi Thornhill

Dear Santa,

I would like a rope swing just like Caleigh and Carlynn Johnson. I would also like a pixie flyer, a hatchimal and a Wii with mario carts.

Nina Hett

Dear Santa,

I want a bike and gloves PS5, RC car and watchdogs. I would also water gun and Nerf gun. How is your pet gerbil? Have a merry Christmas!

Lyrik Taylor

Dear Santa,

I want a pear of roller skates. Also I want it the color lime. I also want a red bike too. I want it to have large tires. I also want to have money to Among Us skins.

Henry James

Dear Santa,

I want an electric scooter please and a new water bottle too. I have a question for you, how cold is it in the North Pole?

Adalynn Grace Cady

Dear Santa,

I would like a drone with a camera on it for Christmas.

Max Smith

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