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MARION: Preschool


Stepping Stones

Dear Santa,

I love you. I want a Minnie Mouse vacuum cleaner to clean the house. I want a horse for Christmas. Why do you have a hat for your head? Your friend,

Katelyn Edmundson

Dear Santa,

I want a Batman cave. I’ve been a good boy. I helped dad get wood to start a fire. I went potty in the toilet all day. I’m going to get something for my baby brother. Your friend,

Ryker Sampson

Dear Santa,

I want a Batman with a Batman cave. Your reindeer can fly by Christmas spirit. You are cool because you have sleigh bells. I will give you five cookies at Christmas. Your friend,

Easton Jones

Dear Santa,

I haven’t got spankings for a long time. I have been really good. I like unicorns. They are really sparkly. I want one. Your friend,

Laurel Nguyen

Dear Santa,

I like Paw Patrol. I love my mommy. I love Penny, my little doggie. I like Spiderman. Your friend,

Ian Williams

Dear Santa,

Are there presents at the North Pole? There are presents under my Christmas tree for me and my friends. I want a microphone to sing with. Your friend,

Paisley Biehler

Dear Santa,

I want a Paw Patrol tower. I have a Christmas tree. I have snowflakes on my Christmas tree. Your friend,

Quin Radtke

Dear Santa,

I love you very much, and I hope you bring me really good presents. I don’t have a kitchen but I really want a toy kitchen. Santa, you are my best friend. I caught a fish one day. I really like dance class. You have to go very slow so you don’t break your sled. Your friend,

Arlie Irwin

Dear Santa,

It’s cold outside. I like your reindeer. I will give you a snowflake. I want a banana hat. Your friend,

Brooklyn Gutsch

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