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police reports

Marion police reported the following activities in addition to working on reports, follow-up investigations, traffic stops, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle identification number inspections.

June 28 — A motorist received assistance with directions. Fireworks stands were checked and operators were given copies of city ordinances regarding fireworks. Electrical lines were checked for damage. Numerous fireworks complaints were filed.

June 29 — A criminal damage to property was reported. An arrest was made. An activated business alarm was checked. A child custody case was investigated.

June 30 — Attempts were made to serve arrest warrants. Fireworks complaints were checked. Assistance was provided to a disabled vehicle.

July 1 — EMS received assistance with a call. Fireworks complaints were checked. A lost motorist received directions. A possible fire was reported.

July 2 — Parents received assistance with a child. A sheriff’s deputy was assisted with a fight at Marion Reservoir. An arrest warrant and civil process were served. An activated business alarm, a 911 hang-up, and streetlights were checked.

July 3 — A dog running at-large was picked up. Multiple fireworks complaints and an overdue motorist were checked.

July 4 — A criminal damage to property report was taken. Fireworks complaints were checked.

July 5 — A rooster was checked on Main Street. Officers responded to a noise complaint. A suspicious person at a business and fireworks complaints were checked. Bicycle racks were moved from a roadway. A non-injury accident was investigated. A civil standby was conducted.

July 6 — Responses was given to a possible shoplifting case and a 911 hang-up. A gas leak was located. A juvenile was picked up on a curfew violation.

July 7 — Traffic control was provided for Lifewatch. Officers worked on junk vehicle violations. A concerned citizen met with an officer about a civil matter. Radar was run on South Third Street.

July 8 — An overdue motorist and a door-to-door salesman were checked. Responses were provided to a noise complaint. A non-injury accident was worked.

Thursday — Removed cones from a roadway. Streetlights were checked.

Friday — Officers responded to St. Luke Hospital to assist with a driving under the influence investigation. A welfare check was conducted. A theft at a local business was investigated. A parking complaint was checked. A complaint was filed of remote control cars on a street. An open business door was found. An arrest was made for driving under the influence.

Saturday — A sheriff’s deputy received assistance with a traffic stop and with inmates at the jail. A civil process was served. Individuals were apprehended for moving cones on Eisenhower Drive. Bar checks were conducted.

Officer’s issued 20 warnings, two notices to appear, and made three arrests.

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