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Marion police

Aug. 7: A subject was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Aug. 8: Officers talked with an individual riding a bicycle on U.S. 56 in the early morning darkness with no lights.

Aug. 9: Officers assisted Marion County Sheriff with vandalism at the golf course. A verbal warning after a traffic stop; the person was driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

Aug. 10: A domestic abuse report was taken.

Aug. 11: Two domestic abuse reports were taken. Officers investigated a possible pit bull in town; a complaint was filed for a pit bull at 609 S. Cedar; officers told the owner to get the dog out of town. Officers told juveniles running into traffic to stop.

Aug. 13: Officers contacted and met with a citizen about a prohibited dog breed. Officers responded to a domestic disturbance. A report of sexual assault was taken.

Aug. 14: Officers spoke with a business owner about nonpayment of services rendered.

Aug. 15: Officers followed up with an indecent liberties with a child case. Three vehicles were stopped; one arrest was made for driving with a suspended license. A dog bite was reported in the 300 block of Freeborn; the dog was taken to the pound and a citation was issued.

Thursday: An arrest was made for a person driving with a suspended license.

Friday: Officers responded to a domestic disturbance. A complaint was taken of obscene pictures sent to minors.

Saturday: Officers impounded a pit bull. Officers responded to an unattended death.

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