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police department

May 31 – Assisted sheriff’s department with disturbance at Marion County Lake and injury accident; found open business door; checked driving complaint; conducted traffic stops.

June 1 – Responded to dog at large and business complaint against customers; conducted vehicle identification number inspections and traffic control for aerial ambulance; served civil papers.

June 2 – Met concerned parent; found open business door; conducted VIN inspections; took theft and criminal damage reports.

June 3 – Conducted VIN inspections and traffic stops, resulting in an arrest; responded to two domestic disputes, with one arrest; took criminal damage report.

June 4 – Conducted VIN inspections; responded to possible domestic dispute; checked streetlights.

June 5 – Met concerned citizen; conducted VIN inspections; prepared for Chingawassa weekend, attended concert and events in park.

June 6 – Responded to complaint and removed snapping turtle from yard; provided escort for parade and traffic control for Rhino Run and downtown events; operated dodge ball tournament; attended events in park.

June 7 – Responded to a domestic dispute.

June 8 – Assisted Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services with home visit; conducted VIN inspections and traffic stops.

June 9 – Located and caught a skunk; served a junk vehicle letter; met with concerned parent; assisted Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks with investigation; conducted VIN inspections.

June10 – Worked non-injury accident; responded to noise complaint; issued citations for child restraint; checked traffic complaint; conducted traffic stops.

June 11 – Met concerned citizen about domestic dispute provided civil standby; responded to dog at large; worked non-injury accident.

June 12 – Assisted EMS on two calls; ran radar on North Cedar Street; met with citizen regarding lost wallet and returned wallet to owner; conducted VIN inspections, traffic stops, and a welfare check.

June 13 – Responded to noise complaint and child custody dispute; took theft report; assisted sheriff’s department with injury accident; located stolen property; checked driving complaint; made arrest for suspicion of driving under influence; conducted traffic stops.

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