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MARION: Marion golf leans on experience

Staff writer

Many of Marion’s golfers bring their experience to the team this season, but senior Devin Soyez’s familiarity with the sport goes deeper.

He was introduced at a young age by his great-grandfather, whose death earlier this year provided him with extra motivation, Soyez said.

“I lost him this year, so I’m definitely going to try playing harder for him,” he said. “He was like a second father.”

Senior Happ Waddell said the fact that the substate meet will be held in Marion also provided an incentive to play well.

Having family members at the course has its drawbacks though, he said.

“Golf is a much better game played private and alone,” Waddell said. “The pressure mounts.”

A golfer’s mental state is important because it’s easy to lose momentum after a few strokes, Soyez said.

“If you get one bad shot, it can mess up the rest of your day,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”

Max Caldwell is a welcome addition to the team despite not being from Marion. The senior attends Peabody-Burns as a student, but is a key team member, Waddell said.

“If Peabody golf didn’t exist this year then I wouldn’t have done golf,” Waddell said. “I’d just be out here teeing off all day long.”

As with other spring sports, one of the most difficult factors is weather, Soyez said.

“Last year, I don’t even think we got an outdoor practice in before our first meet,” he said. “This year we’re a little fortunate. We’re getting 10 days to practice before.”

One difference between golf and other sports is that Marion has one team, with boys and girls competing together.

“I don’t know that it matters whether you’re a boy or girl,” Gordon said. “A lot of this game is just about getting better.”

While golf isn’t a game of speed, fatigue can effect the swing, Gordon said.

“You have to go up and down the hills carrying that heavy bag,” he said. “It takes a bit of work to get accustomed. These guys haven’t done that since last year.”

Last modified March 28, 2019