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Marion football focuses on team even during celebrations

Staff writer

It was an everyday play, one of Marion’s receivers scored on a long throw during the two-minute drill at practice.

The moment he did, head coach Shaun Craft shouted that every teammate should be in the end zone celebrating too.

The first-year coach is looking to instill a feeling that everything is done as a team, not as singular players.

“It’s a team effort,” he said. “If something good happens, they need to celebrate it and they need to celebrate as a team. They’re not individuals out here.”

The players aren’t working solely for themselves or their teammates, they also have to meet the high expectations of the community.

“We provide a lot of entertainment for a lot of people,” Craft said. “They expect us to do well.”

Making sure the Warriors play well during the season starts with making sure they have enough stamina. Craft laid the foundation at the beginning of summer with conditioning to ensure the team could hold up for the season.

“They’re acclimated at the beginning of summer to the heat,” he said. “It has actually cooled down, but we make sure they get water breaks frequently.”

Even with the breaks, internal motivation is necessary. The internal drive and enjoyment of the game push players through the hot months, Craft said.

“You have to like the game to be out here because it’s not comfortable,” he said. “When you have all the equipment on, it’s hot and sweaty.”

Receiver Bryce Mermis is in his first year with the team. Playing alongside friends makes the transition easier, he said, but the competition makes it fun.

Marion starts the season in Remington Friday.

Last modified Aug. 30, 2018