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Marion County files tax foreclosure petitions

Staff writer

Marion County filed a petition Sept. 24 to have 71 properties sold for delinquent taxes.

According to the petition, taxes have not been paid as required by law; and all of the real estate is subject to foreclosure and sale for delinquent taxes.

Attorney Susan Robson, who handles tax foreclosures for the county, told commissioners there were originally 167 properties on the list, but some of the owners paid their taxes after getting a letter telling them the county would foreclose.

Property owners listed as defendants in the lawsuit include Floyd Faunce, Joseph Wilcox, Emma M. Wilcox, Johnny L. Bass, Maxine C. Hill, Michael M. Dudeck, LeGene R. Dudeck, Richard Harber, Jo L. Harber, Bryan L. Harper, Jr., Jammie L. Hedrick, Jeremy Bailey, John Branson, Tammy S. Britton, Gerald D. Hurt, Susan M. Hurt, Bernardo A. Flores-Zazueta, Taia Phillips, Matthew Oneal Goode, Christina L. Vogt, Robert Lee Janes, Jr., Robert Fitzmaurice, Velma Fitzmaurice, Patrick Love, James J. Naylor, Bryan Keith Cook, Dale Tajchman, Cynthia Dunlap, Steve Morton, Cynthia R. Goentzel, Cleo Herman, Jr., El Tiguere, Inc., Gina Schaefer, M. Lisa Wildin-Anderson, William J. Anderson, Linda Kay Brewer, Darryl Brewer, Billy Prater, Cynthia Kay Taylor, Clayton D. Hamm, Wanda M. Hamm, Mary L. Johnson, Theresa Dix, Leon R. Johnson, Robert M. Morgan, Marjorie J. Morgan, Phyllis Nellans, James L. Antonio, Debra Corkum Antonio, Thomas E. Potts, Cheryl A. Potts, Sarah Solomon, Estate of Tammy Ann Solomon, Shawn Stahlheber, Molly Stahlheber, Ramona L. Drake, Joe D. Plume, June P. Plume, Jason Riggs, Jewel Martin, Kristine K. Damron, Kevin P. Strotkamp, Chris Litton, Julie Pounds, Andrew Brown, Amanda Brown, Tatge Manufacturing, Inc., Corissa M. Dones, Connie McMahan, Dana Riling, Arden Voth, Marlin Wiebe, Bethany Wiebe, James Riffel, Jeff Riffel, William H Rhodes, William D. Schubert, Charlene J. Schubert, Carmelita Hurtado, Marie Dennis, Sabrina Albrecht, Brian S. Urban, Sara L. Urban, Joel H. McNatt, Robert W. Martin, Francis C. Martin, Patricia M. Wiley, Nancy G. Jennings, Emil Mosbacher, and Frances O. Weakley.

Most of the properties have been delinquent on taxes since 2015, but some have been delinquent since 2013.

One of the properties, listed under the name El Tiguere, Inc., is the building that houses Cazadores restaurant.

Last modified Oct. 3, 2019