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2nd grade

Staci Hansen’s class

Please get my mom a lot of sunflowers for Christmas she loves them! I would like some more clothes for my dolls. Wilbur, our class elf, is not sharing.

Claire Mcfall

Santa, I would like a PS5 for Christmas. How many elves do you have in your werk shop? I would also like a Farrari. I would like to visit yourwork shop. How do you come inside when there is no chimney? How old are your elves.

Jarrett Boone

For Christmas I would like a plant monster from Minecraft Legoset. A paint ball gun and BB gun would be really cool. I would also like Five Nights at Freddy’s Connectables and a wither storm Lego set. A dinosaur Lego set, Jurassic Park would be awesome, can I also have $1,000? How old are you?

Jaseson Taylor

I would really like a babydoll for Christmas. How many elfs do you have? How many raindeer do you have? I will set out cookies and milk on Christmas night this year.

Marleyne Post

For Christmas I would really like the 2nd Lego looeegy set. How old are you? I would really want more dogman. Mary Christmas.

Skylar Ottensmeier

Can I please have a popit. What do you do wating for Christmas? Do you eat all the cookies? How meny elfs do you have? How do you fit in all the chemees?

Pauline Tolessa

How are your reindeer? How old are you? Please give Buddy back cause I miss him! I would reliy like a nerfgun, Pokémon bouster box, elxrik skooter, a bunch of figit toys. How are you and missis clus.

Harrison Martinez

For Christmas I would really like a Star wars Lego set. So me and my dad can build it. How many elfs do you have? How many reindeer do you have? How old are you and the elfs?

Liam Jeffrey

For Christmas I would really like for my brother to come for Christmas. how old is Toy Boy? I will leve cairits for the reindeer. I love presents I want an omg doll.

Emily Bitcnti

I would like a robot maker kit. Dear Santa how do you give presents to pepel in homes like mine with no chimney? I would like a toy black hole. Have a merry chrismis! Can I get an elf?

Henry Schadle

For Christmas I would really like a Fortnite V-Bucks gife card. I also want a hover board and a clone Star Wars Nintendo card. How many elfs do you have?

Wyatt Holland

For Christmas I would really like a wuble bubble. How old are Sparkles and Cutey? How many elfs do you have? How do you deliver presents all aroundthe world in one night? Every year my family puts out cookies and milk. How old are you and missis claus?

Alexis Brewer

For Christmas I would really want some lol dolls please. How are you reindeer? I would also want a skate bord to. How are your elfs? I also want a painting set.

Ryle Housman

I want a tablet. I don’t know if I will leave cookies out for you. When will it be cresmus?

Candace Schlesener

I want a atak ceuradolsorus toy. I want the T. rex Transport Lego set. I want the volt thunder tank. How to Train Your Dragon trap. I want a iphone pro. I want a robot that can make evre food. I want the How to Train Your Dragon nekles and water botler. How much cookies do you eat? Can you get me en ephent? I want a cromebook. I want a ipad for me and for Regen.

Grant Cooper

Susan Hall’s class

I want all the game consuls, all nine fast hot wheels, an Legos.


I want a makeup box and a orbee foot spa, and a Ultimate Surprise Lols and a huverbord.


I want another ferret plees. A PS5, more rats, and a pc with Pixelmon on it. Can you send me an elf?


I want a phone. I want airpods. I want a watch that you can call people. A babydoll, a stuff animal, a squishmellow. A sink that you can put water in it.


I want for christmis is an elf on the shelf. I want a Lego Jurassick World. I would like a gaming chare and also a pet fish. I want an ebox and controllers. I want to see you. I will need for Chrismis fish food.


I want a omg named Spicey Babe and a omg named Sweets. That’s all I want for Chrismas.


I would like a pottery kit. I want to be an artist wen I grow up. Do you like coffee? I like black coffee. Do you have a toy zebra or naral, they ar my favite animels. When is your birthday. See you soon.


I would like this Christmas a lol, hatchimals, and a omg. And I want a new Babysitters book, but most of all I want to see my aunt Cherry.


I want a Fortnite nerf gun a Nintendo swich and a Minecraft sord a Minecraft golden Lego.


I would like a mp3 plaer, PEZ candy, and a intend switch. I would also like a soccer that huvver, a toy dragon, and a new nerf gun.


I want a big LOL, a makeup set, more cars, a book set, a fake food, and I want Barbee skanr, a red camry, a pack of chapsticks.


I would like drums for chirmes and a book and a pupit for chirmes and a LOL box skoooshamul. Drums I want the most.


A go cart and a toy truck. I word like a huvr bord I want a PS5.

No name

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