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Marijuana charges pending against 2 teens

Staff writer

Charges are pending against two teenage boys after Hillsboro Police seized about 5 grams of marijuana and a plethora of paraphernalia Thursday from a recreational vehicle parked at a Hillsboro residence.

Assistant Chief of Police Jessey Hiebert responded to the scene that afternoon after receiving a complaint of possible drug activity that morning.

Originally, he said he planned to visit with the teens about drug information. However, when he arrived at the scene it became a different story.

“Before I even knocked on the RV’s door, they opened it and smoke came rolling out,” Hiebert said. “It was obvious they had been using marijuana.”

He said the teens opened the door because they had seen his police car.

After obtaining consent from the RV’s owner, Hiebert searched its interior. He said he found a small amount of marijuana and a variety of smoking apparatuses.

“They had maybe five grams,” he said. “There was a water pipe, multiple glass pipes, a grinder, a large hookah, and a big bong.”

Officer Steven Janzen also responded to the scene when his shift started.

“As soon as I got out of my vehicle I could smell the smoke in the air,” Janzen said.

Janzen transported the drugs and paraphernalia back to the station.

If charged, the teens could face charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Last modified Jan. 29, 2015