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Make plans to give now

It might be that the Indian Summer weather means we don’t notice, but we are fast approaching the end of the year. Usually as we close in on the holidays I write an opinion column about charitable and community giving. My opinion is that everyone should do it. I know it can be hard, especially in these economic times, but I truly believe making some kind of contribution to people who are less fortunate than we or to organizations that support causes we appreciate, makes us better people.

It doesn’t have to a huge amount; if fact, it may not be a financial contribution at all. It might be a gift of time or personal effort. I just think we all should make an attempt to fill a need.

Usually when I state my thoughts on giving, I wish I had gotten started earlier and talked to more community leaders about needs they can identify in Peabody. And that is what this column is all about.

By this time next week, Halloween will be yesterday’s news and presto! We will be looking at the approaching holidays and the end of the year and we will wonder, “Hmmm, how did that happen?”

So before I write that column about charitable and community giving, I need your help. Let me know if you work or volunteer with a group that needs financial assistance. Do you belong to a club that would like to spend time helping with activities or events for children or seniors, or someone who needs a lift to the grocery store or the doctor?

Are you busy working out of town most days, but think you would like to write a check to help a community, school, or church group? Do you need to know which groups maintain a 501(C)3 status? Do you think you would like to donate, but want to do it anonymously and don’t know quite how to manage that?

Peabody has many generous people who give through the Ministerial Alliance, Communities in Schools, and other organizations. It also is home to many generous people who have fond memories of growing up with scouting, discovering the wonder of a public library, or appreciating a haven such as a youth center, or recreation program. Senior centers are often a fragile link between homebound adults and the outside world.

So before I write my column, send me your suggestions for year-end giving. Leave a message at the newspaper office or at home, drop me a line, stop me in the restaurant or grocery store. This time you don’t even have to sign your name! Just let me know which groups you think might be able to use a boost either financially or through volunteer efforts. Or the names of clubs or individuals might be willing to help.

We have time, get in touch.

— Susan Marshall

Last modified Oct. 26, 2011