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Looking ahead

A few people noticed that I didn’t fill up this opinion column space in the past issue. I sat in front of a blank computer screen for about 30 minutes and finally decided I simply didn’t have an opinion about anything. It happens sometimes. However, as my five regular readers know, it is not a permanent affliction. I usually bounce back.

I don’t honestly have much of an opinion this week either. I have had a miserable cold and my throat is raw from coughing for a week. I am sick to death of this weather and how it makes my world look. Dead leaves, muddy streets, gray skies, and dirty snow are not part of the vision of our town that I usually carry.

So I am grumpy. However, I should try to be positive. And there is an event coming up that usually makes me smile.

The Peabody Main Street board decided to host another benefit auction this year. I always have a good time at the benefit auctions because they reaffirm my faith in the community and I get to bid on some great old things. Our citizens are quite generous with the items they donate to sell and with their bids to buy what others have donated.

I am especially fond of the to-die-for dessert auction. Peabody has some tremendous cooks and to my knowledge, none have ever refused PMSA a to-die-for dessert to help raise funds. (If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to get yourself a ticket to the event before they sell out. There will be a dessert there that will tickle your fancy, for sure.)

I am also astounded by the number of Peabody Centennial plates that get donated. Each time one is held up for bidding I am certain there will never be another on the auction block. Amazingly enough, someone always makes the great sacrifice and donates just one more. This year we have an amazing donation of six plates!

My son-in-law, old What’s His Name, is Peabody’s Main Street director and something of computer whiz. He is working on a link to the PMSA Web site that potential bidders can access to see the merchandise as it is collected. Even if you live in say, Greeley, Colo., you can look at the auction items and send in a bid. Hopefully, I will get to spend your money for you!

A scrumptious meal will be served before the auction with food prepared by Janet Post and Preston Hodges (so you know it will be spectacular).

Peabody memorabilia and other auction items gathered so far include: Peabody High School yearbooks, centennial plates, stained glass windows from the Presbyterian Church, a watercolor painting of the decorative city building top with a flag flying out in front (by PHS alumnus Warren Taylor), many post cards and advertising items, discount coupons to various local businesses, a framed 1908 Annual Anti-Horse Thief Association Picnic poster with all the events of the day, a quilt, old Peabody photos, and other items.

Watch this paper for advertisements and news items throughout the month of February. Plan to attend the dinner and auction. Purchase a killer dessert with your tablemates. Have some fun with us while raising money to help preserve your community’s history. You’ll be glad you did.

Susan Marshall

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