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Look for Peabody on Facebook

My son-in-law, old What’s His Name, has created a Facebook page for the city of Peabody on the Internet. At a city council meeting several weeks ago, the council members told him they would like to see Peabody enter the world of social media. So that is what he did. It is kind of fun to look at although he is currently on a two week vacation, leaving future updates to one’s imagination.

Old What’s His name has uploaded a number of vintage photo post cards and photographs onto the site and they have generated some interest. Plus there are requests from Peabody’s Facebook friends for pictures of specific buildings, events, and school groups. Of course, as I said, he is nowhere to be found so the requests are on hold until later. Sorry.

However, if you are a Facebook member, and have an interest in your hometown, you should check this out. There are pictures of sports teams, downtown scenes, community bands, and other shots of early Peabody. Finding this stuff has been my passion for decades and I own it by the boxful. The Marshall kids have long kept an eye peeled for such treasures at garage and estate sales, on eBay, and from area antique dealers. They are resourceful and have delivered much of it on gift-giving occasions. And I love it all. I am glad to share the images on a site for Peabody friends, alums, and families to enjoy.

The only problem with my collection, as people have pointed out on the Facebook site in the past week or so, is that there is no roster to accompany the photos. There are no names, there are very few dates, and there are few people left alive in this community who recognize the people, team, group, or event. However, the Facebook faithful who have checked in on the site are more than a bit adamant about wanting to know who is pictured.

Well, we are going to try to find out. I am not sure that we will get very far, but I would as well, like to know the names of those in the photos. So, here is a challenge for those of you who check in with Internet social media … come look us over. And bring grandma, or maybe mom and dad, to look at the site on your laptop. Maybe one of them will know the name of a kid on the basketball team “Marion County Champions — Peabody” in 1927. Then let me know. I am always at my best when I have more information than old What’s His Name!


Last modified Sept. 13, 2012