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Little blue soldiers

The city sanitation squad has issued a new rule. Trash poly carts are to be placed in the gutter adjacent to the curb or at the edge of the pavement on those streets that have no curb and guttering. This is just on trash pickup day, of course. They would be a real nuisance hanging out in the street the other six days of the week.

I think there was a notice in the latest water bill that informed all of us about the change in poly cart positions. The reason for the change is to try to keep the heavy trash trucks from pulling next to the curb or the side of the street to pick up containers and dump them. By pulling into the same area every week, the asphalt near the trash cart breaks and then water seeps in, weakening the street surface further. Bingo — Potholes ‘R’ Us!

The arm on the trash truck that lifts poly carts has an 8-foot reach on both sides of the truck. If it can stay in the middle of the street, it still can reach trash carts and empty them, as long as residents remember to place them in the gutter with the wheels next to the curb, or just at the edge of the street where there is no curb and gutter. City council is hoping this simple measure will preserve the integrity of the pavement.

An alternative is a smaller, lighter trash truck that would have to make more trips to the transfer station, increasing the cost of operations. And just take a guess who would have to absorb the cost of an increase? Right, thee and me.

So, this is a no-brainer. Instead of leaving poly carts on lawns or in driveways, as we have all done for the past 10 years or so, snuggle them up against the curb. Make them look like little blue soldiers, from one end of your avenue to the other. Maybe we can save some money and skip another fee increase.

What do you think of that?

— Susan Marshall

Last modified Aug. 26, 2009