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Life won't have to imitate art for Peabody-Burns High School sophomore

Staff writer

While many may go on from high school into careers that tie with their hobbies and interests, Peabody-Burns sophomore Breanna Lett will not be going down the traditional graphic design route with her love of art.

“One day in math class it suddenly popped into my brain that I can be an elementary school teacher,” Breanna said. “I can use my art skills to decorate my classroom.”

Breanna would love to teach not at a big school but at Peabody-Burns.

“I had a lot of trouble finding something I wanted to do,” Breanna said. “I love drawing, I’m organized, but I also love to act and sing.”

Breanna has been drawing since she was 3.

“My mom always told me I never had a stage where I didn’t hold a pencil wrong,” Breanna said. “In kindergarten I was always the kid whose drawings made sense. I still have my drawing book and I can look back and I know who I was drawing.”

Although she has artistic talent, Breanna has not taken an art class since 8th grade.

“I feel like I personally have so many talents that it’s hard to choose certain classes to take,” Breanna said. “I do more of drama and singing for classes.”

Breanna doesn’t limited what she draws. Her favorites are logos and people, but she typically draws whatever pops into her head.

“If I see it, I can draw it,” she said, “so whatever interests me at that moment.”

One proud moment of her artistic career was in 4th grade when she won a T-shirt design contest for Walton’s Rural Life Festival.

“I got my T-shirt sold throughout Walton,” Breanna said, “so that’s when I started drawing things for people, and everyone knew me as the girl who could draw.”

Peabody residents can see Breanna’s work around town. She did a warrior head for the new Warrior Stop and painted a mural at the city pool.

If a project is big enough, she would consider charging for it. For now, however, she’s fine doing artwork for friends and relatives.

“I look at it more as something I do for fun,” Breanna said. “There is so much reward in me just having fun doing it.”

Breanna urges those wanting to hone artistic abilities to keep practicing.

“My friends always ask me how I’m so good, and I say, ‘Literally, I do it all the time,’” she said. “I’m always looking up better ways to draw something. I always say to myself, ‘I can never draw a good nose or good eyes,’ so I slowly start doing it over and over and over — and just that single thing. It’s practice. You can’t do much more than that.”

Last modified April 26, 2017