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Library receives $1,200-worth of new books

Staff writer

Peabody Township Library made a major addition to its reserves last week, unveiling $1,200 worth of books from the Pilcrow Foundation.

The foundation is a push to further the reading materials of rural public libraries across the U.S. It matches library funds 2-to-1, providing up to $800.

The requirement for the foundation is that libraries have to choose from a set list of books. Some chapter books are included, as well as board books for very young children, but most of those available are geared toward young readers in elementary grade levels.

Having resources for that age group is important because it’s when children start to discover their reading preferences, Peabody Township librarian Roger Charles said.

“As a little kid, genres don’t mean anything,” he said. “You have to give them a wide exposure so they can figure out what they like.”

In total, Charles chose 86 books, many of which were either dinosaur-themed or focused on important female historical figures.

“A lot of times, minorities and women get left out of history for the role they played,” he said. “There have been some very significant people overlooked in our past. There are significant people out there doing significant things, but if you don’t read about them, you won’t know they exist.”

Last modified Jan. 31, 2019