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LETTERS: Writer supports the HUB

Writer supports the HUB

To the editor:

I get the feeling some people are trying to get the HUB to close, thinking all the problems with the kids downtown will go away.

The problem with some kids throwing trash is not something that just started since the HUB opened, nor will it go away if the HUB closes. And just because some kids are downtown, it doesn’t mean they are “HUB kids.” When they step outside the HUB, they are no longer “HUB kids.”

As with many problems in life, I feel the actions of a few are being blamed on all. I hear that the “HUB kids” are trashing the downtown. I know for a fact some of the trash comes from other places.

If items are being broken, then I agree, those kids should be held responsible. But put the blame where it belongs and not thrown in a general area saying it was the “HUB kids.”

I believe kids today are causing a lot less trouble than the kids in past decades. I could name names and actions that took place years ago, that were a lot worse than today. I even witnessed some in my high school days.

Many of you older people remember things that used to happen. It was a lot worse than sitting on Main Street, playing catch with a football and some trash being left by a few — not all — of the kids.

I am so thankful to Dale and Doe Ann Hague for all of their hard work and the money that they put into making a place where the kids can go. I appreciate the help of several churches in town and to the city for helping with two months of water and trash payments.

I hope the rest of the community will show their appreciation and support, and keep their comments about the HUB in a positive tone.

Our community is very fortunate to have a place like the HUB. Stop by some Tuesday or Thursday morning for coffee and check out the place.

Notice how nice the kids have kept it.

Carolyn Gard

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