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LETTERS: Why would someone vandalize Avenue of Flags?

To the editor:

If the flag could speak, it would tell of service and sacrifice, it would tell of men and women throughout the wars and conflicts who fought in conditions of extreme cold and heat, the battles, the suffering, the bravery and the self-sacrifice. It would tell of the faces, each and every one.

It would tell of the sacred obligation and the duty of all Americans to remember, because without those young Americans throughout our history the flag would stand for nothing. There would be no America, no democratic ideals, and no need for a flag to be our symbol.

Hours and hours are donated to make the Peabody Avenue of Flags the icon of beauty that it has become. Men and women of our community donate their time and money to make this presentation each year.

It broke our hearts to hear of the vandalism that damaged our Avenue of Flags. The Avenue of Flags which represents the lives of our personal heroes — our Peabody heroes.

Flags were torn from poles — the flags which flew in memory of members of our community — the flag which covered our dad’s casket at his death. Who could do this? Why would you do this?

If you know anything about this vandalism, please report it. The American Legion Riders are offering a reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the guilty.

Those who stood with our flag and answered their country’s call and placed themselves in harm’s way, who put the welfare of their comrades ahead of their own safety, who placed duty ahead of personal interests are heroes and we cannot have the Avenue of Flags which is standing in their memory be treated in this manner.

Myrna Lowden Wood, Peabody, and Barbara Lowden Gomez, Leon

Last modified June 9, 2010