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Wrong on Vogel

To the editor:

How dare you publish a case that is not ready to be published. You are correct on one thing — you unveiled a very delicate situation.

You are very unprofessional, in my opinion, for publishing an event wherein the investigation has not been released yet, and you know what, you are wrong! Not everybody is open-minded on a delicate subject like this.

Also, how dare you compare our city of Marion to a city like Chicago, Detroit, or New York. Marion is a very friendly and family-oriented community. Most of the people involved in this situation are mostly local, went to school here in Marion, and are related to a lot of people here.

My husband and I are not originally from Marion. We moved here over 12 years ago and we fell in love with the people of this city. We love Marion and it is very disheartening to find this type of news from our local newspaper.

Police officers and military just like my husband choose to be in this type of job where their life is always in danger to make sure that our environment, our people, and our country are safe. Our media has turned into a money-hungry “let’s put the news out there” type of business. They don’t care whether they’re overstepping the authority of the city, county, or the country. Releasing sensitive information like this is very unprofessional and you should be fired for doing it.

By the way, it is protocol in the police and military departments to take the involved officer, whoever they may be, for counseling if necessary. Would you rather see our officer be shot or killed first? You do not know the whole story and this is the reason why it has not been released by KBI, city police department, and by the county attorney. Decisions are pending and have not been made.

Unlike you, we very much support our police department officers and our military. You probably wouldn’t know anything about it because you have not served in any of these services. We do not believe you when you say that you have no desire to hound the police officer involved. You and your paper have been digging dirt and have no right to publish a delicate situation like this if it is still under investigation.

Not too long ago, my nephew in Hawaii was murdered, and it took months before they released his name and his body released to his family. No police officer was involved in this situation, but the newspaper people were very cordial and asked permission before they released anything to the public.

We and a lot of people here in Marion are very unhappy with what you published in the Marion County Record this week, and also a lot of us are very sorry for what has happened in Lehigh. We are all in prayers for the family of Robb Stewart and we are also in much prayers for the officer and his family who was put in this situation by a drunk, suicidal person armed with a loaded pistol.

Next time, be sure to ask permission from families of both the dead and the families of the officer involved, and the legal channels, before you unveil a delicate situation, not permission from the gossip of only the people you know.

My question to you is, how can you be sure that the officer involved will be safe and secure after what you published about him?

Gloria D. Ash

Last modified Sept. 6, 2017