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What is tolerance?

To the editor:

What is the purpose of tolerance?

Is tolerance all about being tolerant toward self-destruction, or is it toward preservation of life?

Discussions today are so much about gay rights and tolerance toward gays. Our leaders and those who have influence would encourage us to be tolerant.

No matter the relationship, everybody knows that all life comes through the male-female relationship. By being tolerant toward unnatural relationships, are we not then being intolerant toward that which gives us life?

We just elected school board members. All our emphasis is on education, knowledge. Education might have its place, but should it be promoted at the expense of parenting and family? What if there were no parents? There would be no students.

So who are we going to be tolerant toward, and what are we going to emphasize? Spending more and more money on education that undermines the very values of life that produces the students? Should it not be about teaching those students about parenting and child-raising?

Now we say we should be tolerant toward those who rise up against that which represents our freedom, our flag, those who march and destroy property, etc. Are we going to be tolerant toward that which is self-destructing us, or are we going to be tolerant toward that which gives us our freedom, as in the Constitution? By being tolerant toward that which destroys us, what are we left with? We lose the very core of our existence, in terms of our freedoms, our right to self-preservation.

What is the intent of our leaders when they would teach us about tolerance? Is it simply to have power over us? Shouldn’t true tolerance always be for that which perpetuates life and liberty? To be tolerant of that which is unnatural is to be at the expense of that which is life and enduring.

Jerry Plett

to the editor

Last modified Nov. 9, 2017