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Voting for the future

To the editor:

I have often said during recent election cycles that ballots should be printed with the options, “In favor of Candidate A,” “Against Candidate A,” “In favor of Candidate B,” “Against Candidate B.” After the ballots are counted, the candidate least in the hole takes office.

However, that is not the way an election works. You cannot vote against a candidate, you can only vote in support of a candidate.

Before you fill in the oval in front of someone’s name, think about the world you are endorsing on behalf of your children and grandchildren.

What moral values will be upheld or trampled? What will be the prime focus of education? What will the economic situation be during their adult years? Will they be able to thrive under the tax burden?

Will they be able to freely practice their faith in school, at work, or in the marketplace? How will the judicial system work? Can the legislative system function? What laws will be passed concerning the not-yet-born, the aged, the poor, or those in need of medical or mental health care?

How will immigrants in the country, or wanting to enter, be treated? How will the rest of the world view this country? Her leader? What type of executive orders will be produced? Can you completely trust your candidate?

When you stand in the voting booth with ballot in hand, ask yourself, “Can I look a member of the coming generation in the eye and say, ‘I want you to grow up to be like the person who just received my vote?’”

As for me, I’m praying for divine intervention.

Rebecca Wingfield

Last modified Nov. 3, 2016