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Vote your conscience

To the editor:

I rarely voted. I thought things would turn out OK whoever was in office. I also kept out of politics because I did not want to alienate business clients.

I am sorry to say I was wrong. We all need to get out and vote to make our voices heard.

Today, I study candidates, learn their stands, and vote accordingly. I also have learned that politicians can lie to get your vote. Term limits are needed to prevent power-hungry candidates.

Over the years, I got to know many local and state politicians. I had the privilege of collaborating with a mayor near where I lived.

I knew him to be good and fair. He decided he could do more by running for state office. He won but served only a few months before resigning. He found out how the system worked and did not approve of underhanded shenanigans.

People like him are becoming rare. Holding a political position used to be a non-paid privilege people chose to serve. It’s sad the concept has not continued.

If you contributed to a pension, are you willing to give it up when you retire? We all paid into Medicare, but some now say it is an entitlement. None of these are entitlements. We contributed our share.

Are you willing to allow politicians to dictate what you can do, where you can go and what you can say?

Shouldn’t every registered voter have the convenience of voting in person, by mail, or by early voting?

Should government be able to strip us of our rights to control our own medical decisions?

Should we have the freedom to educate our children as we wish in schools supported by taxpayers? Should we have the freedom to read books of our choice?

Are you willing to continue allowing corporations and upper managers to pay less than their share of taxes while you struggle every year to make ends meet? Has it ever been proven that tax breaks for the wealthy trickle down to average Americans?

Is it right to ban someone from living here because of their ethnicity? Should we have the right to choose whom we love and marry? Should everyone have the right to own assault weapons when we know what those weapons leave in their wake?

Take the time to weigh your beliefs against issues politicians are running on. Read between the lines as to what they actually will do.

On Nov. 8, I will be voting for what I believe in — not by party and not because of someone else’s beliefs. Please get out and vote. Your voice counts.

Connie McMahan, Hope

Last modified Oct. 26, 2022