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Too long in power?

To the editor:

Once upon a time, a man went to Washington to try to drain a swamp. He had no idea how deep the swamp was, and the swamp tried to drown him. In District of Columbia or Topeka, the perseverance of the few is often worn down by the desire of the group to preserve itself.

I have a basic belief that people are good and want to do the right thing. I recognize there are exceptions, but they are so few that “good” is a guiding belief for me.

Even if I disagree with some things taking place in our state, I’m sure the vast majority of people in politics initially desired to make positive changes.

Over time, though, it seems they get complacent and shift from representing the wants of their people to being mired in the swamp of negotiations, vying for committee appointments, and “this for that.”

They go from representing constituents to representing themselves for power, position, politics.

Our sense is, they were there too long. That’s what makes us want term limits.

Term limits aren’t going to happen, and politicians are right when they say we have that in the form of voting cycles. Surely at some point, the person I voted for has probably been in long enough or too long, and his or her interest has become “who do I need to please in order to get power/position.”

The hard part? I voted for that person several times. Was I wrong? No. Absolutely not. I just think when they’ve been in long enough and there’s a great person in the wings, it’s time. It’s time for someone with a fresh drive, who hasn’t been molded into the group think.

So my wife and I went to a meeting to hear Scott Hill’s views and learn why a farmer with a Ph.D. wants to be the representative for District 70 in the Kansas House.

The meeting started with a prayer. Scott talked with energy about uncompromising beliefs and yet a true interest in making sure he understands the wishes and guidance of the people he wants to represent.

We were energized when we left the meeting. We want this guy to represent us, our family, our community.

I like Rep. John Barker. I liked him as a judge. I voted for him every time he ran for representative. I appreciate him for being my representative. But now, I want Scott Hill to go to Topeka, with biblical values written in his heart, passion etched on his face, and a bit of Kansas dirt in his veins.

He won’t go to compromise, rather to compete, on our behalf — to be fearless, and if he falls, to fall forward. Should his passion ever fade, he will to step aside and mentor the next person with the courage to stand up for what’s best for his district and our great state.

Dana Dulohery, Abilene

Last modified April 28, 2022