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Public servants have become masters

To the editor:

You make some great points in your editorial. If commissioners feel offended, they are facts, and facts are never pleasant. Some who read your comments and think you are too critical of the way our local government operates. Honestly, it’s all true. Think about it. As citizens, it is our responsibility to keep them honest.

Do public employees recognize that the raises they get are at the people’s expense? Is their attitude who cares what is happening in the private sector, as long as we can get our fix? How do commissioners earn their pay if they do not produce something?

The only reason governments want economic development is to provide more tax revenue for them to spend. Isn’t that why businesses are gone and going?

Take away the burdens that restrict business and let the private sector grow, so there is less government. Who pays for everything that exists in our communities? And who is it that wants us to believe that it provides all our benefits?

As regards free screening, it seems school systems and social service agencies are taking over our children at a younger and younger age.

Is this what we expect and want from our leaders, to make these things like motor skills, language, and social skills more important than family nurturing and development?

We’re talking about 5 and younger. We’re teaching them that it’s all about self, me, my money. Isn’t family the foundation that endures? Isn’t it family that provides security? Isn’t that our basic right?

How else do we explain the fact that we are male and female, man and woman? Are we satisfied for the sake of self to destroy the family?

They forget about all the dislocation, abandonment, and other problems that young children experience. The more problems, the more agencies are created, and things get worse and worse. The solution always is to spend more money. We pay it, and they grow. And we let them do it.

Jerry Plett, Lincolnville

Last modified Aug. 3, 2017