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Oppose Kobach

To the editor:

Extremist, intolerant, right-wing conservative Republican Kris Kobach is running for Kansas attorney general.

He is the worst choice possible for the position. He did such a poor job defending the proof of citizenship law he crafted that a federal judge struck it down and ordered him to take remedial law courses.

In doing research on Kobach, I noticed that time after time he made money writing voting laws for other states that were struck down by judges while he pocketed the money that the states paid him.

The State of Kansas also was stuck with paying for his overturned lawsuit by the federal judge.

Kobach is interested only in pursuing his own far-right extremist interests, even if they are out of line with the majority of Kansans on such issues as abortion rights. He will try to overturn the vote of the people of Kansas if he becomes attorney general.

Chris Mann, the Democrat running for Kansas attorney general, has far more practical experience as an attorney than Kobach.

He is running for attorney general to focus on law enforcement not politics.

Chris was a police officer and went on to become a prosecutor in the Wyandotte County district attorney’s office and as a prosecutor for the Kansas Securities Commission, where he helped protect consumers and seniors by holding white-collar criminals accountable.

He later expanded his law practice to representing victims of drunken driving and their families.

Please vote for Chris Mann, who like Laura Kelly wants to work for all the people of Kansas, instead of Republicans who want only to bad-mouth their opponents, run ads filled with half and misleading truths, have not offered plans showing what they on going to do if elected, and promote their own agendas regardless what the majority of Kansans want.

Barbara and Joe Tajchman, Marion

Last modified Oct. 20, 2022