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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Letters to the Editor

Good still exists

While visiting Marion Sunday evening I received a phone call from Marion Police Department.

The officer on duty explained to me that a gentleman turned in my wallet.

I was shocked — not even aware that I had lost it.

Immediately I began praying that everything was still in it as I made my way down to the station.

As the officer handed my wallet to me, I told him that I really hoped everything was inside.

When I opened it, I found that everything was still there including over $250 cash.

I was exceedingly grateful and reassured that there really are good people still around.

So to whoever the gentleman was who was around the restaurant I dropped it at the evening of Nov. 2, I thank you very much for not only turning in my wallet, but leaving everything inside.

-Laura Schmidt

Last modified Nov. 13, 2014