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God’s gender plan

To the editor:

Recent discussions are suggesting how we as a community should respond to the topic of gender identity and sexual preference. One question that continues to nag many is simply this: Are we obligated to defend and support alternative lifestyles as normal?

We stand on the precipice of a great landslide when we entertain the notion to call “alternative” the same as “normal.” Perhaps “normal” is not the right term either, but maybe it is wiser to focus on what is “human.”

There are at least two ways to view this controversy over the use of the human body: biological and theological. In fact, the truth we seek is absolutely written into our bodies. The biology seems simple enough. Only one combination of gender relations will result in the creation of new life. This is true of both animals and humans.

Another way to view human sexuality is by God’s design, or theologically, by which we can take a deeper look into the truths which have been revealed to us.

The theological explanation of who we are begins “in the beginning.” “Male and female he created them.” “Man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife.” “The two shall become one flesh.” “Be fruitful and multiply.” These verses are a simple explanation pointing us toward a more complicated reality. We are meant (man and woman) to give ourselves totally, without reservation, and holding nothing back to the other. These passages are divinely bound together and not independent of one another.

Therefore, if we can come to believe the truth is already written into our bodies, we can then decide to choose to tell that truth or to lie about it by the way we use our bodies.

Deceit, however, has repercussions. When we lie, we either hurt ourselves or the one being lied to. Although recent discussions have been about gender identity and sexual preference, there are many ways we, as humans, lie with our bodies. Everyone can be affected by this deceit, and same-sex attraction and gender identity are but a small part. There are many ways in which heterosexuals too do not live up to God’s design for love and sexuality.

And yet, the culture is egging us on, rooting for us to do whatever feels good to us. How will we answer? Will we choose to tell the truth with our bodies, even though it is difficult and painful for some to hear? What will be the long-term damage to society and souls if we do not? Sheep need a shepherd because they don’t see the wolf coming. Let us look to the Divine Shepherd for guidance.

This is a painful and difficult subject for us all, but we must love and care enough for our brothers and sisters affected to stand firm and hold up the truth. This is not a discussion about rights, but rather protecting each other from harm. We should not, as a society, spot disorder and call it normal. What would a physician be worth if they examined a dangerous cancer on your skin and called it a “normal variation.”

This is a topic we should continue to discuss openly and lovingly. We need to get this right. The damage that is resulting in our society from us getting this wrong is unfathomable.

Hold up the truth. There is no need to impose or push Truth on someone else, it must simply be demonstrated. Once that truth has been fully understood, it will then well up from within, it need not be forced. You don’t have to defend the truth. It’s like trying to defend a lion, you simply have to turn it loose and step back. It will defend itself.

Brendan Kraus

to the editor

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