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To the editor

EMS pay

In reading a recent newspaper, I was really disappointed in our county commissioners when they voted to cut some of the proposed funding for the EMS budget.

I don’t care if they don’t turn a wheel some nights, they should get paid a full amount in the evenings and nights. They are on duty. Maybe it’s to our advantage if we could pay better than other counties.

Most people aren’t willing to get up at 2 a.m. or even work all night to get a drunk picked up off the road or those that he/she hurt, to go on sick calls or go on a call where a person tried to take their own life.

I had EMS at my place at 2 a.m. a few years back. I never was so glad to see help.

They see more tragedy in a month or so than most of us see in a lifetime.

Say “Thank you for your service” to all our military, EMS personnel, law enforcement officers, and firefighters.

Elaine Lowry


Last modified Aug. 16, 2017