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Education threat

To the editor:

Next week will be Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers deserve our appreciation every week, but especially now for what they have dealt with in the past two-plus years.

As a former teacher, first in the Wichita system and later substitute teaching in USD 408 for more than 12 years, I still remember the joys and frustrations.

In the Brownback era, we all witnessed the impact tax cuts had on our public schools. Between four-day school weeks, outdated resources, and staff shortages, Kansas cannot afford to go back to those days.

Education is an active investment in our future generations and is vital to every aspect of life. We owe it to our students, our next generation of leaders and learners, from Marion County and across the state.

Derek Schmidt threatens to take us back to those days of underfunded public schools. We have just begun recovering under the leadership of Governor Laura Kelly. We cannot afford to undo this progress.

Eileen Sieger, Marion

Last modified April 27, 2022