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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Doing the right thing

To the editor:

I was encouraged Friday by something that happened in our bank that gave me reason to keep believing in the good that still exists in our community.

At about 7 that morning, I received a call from a gentleman that had gone to our ATM to withdraw some money. He said he counted the money after his withdrawal and noticed he had an extra $100.

He told me that either our ATM was feeling generous today or somebody must have forgotten to pick up their cash from the dispenser. He also said he would place the $100 in an envelope and put it in the night drop so we could try to find out who may have lost it and get it to its rightful owner.

My question is: How many people would take the time and effort to call and return the money as opposed to just putting the $100 in their pocket and declaring this a great day?

We have been able to return the $100 to this individual because the honesty and integrity of the person who found it.

Our security equipment is supposed to protect us from the bad guys. This time it helped us return something that was lost and expose a person of integrity.

Chuck Good
president, Peabody State Bank

Last modified Nov. 10, 2015