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To the editor:

My name is Hadlye Shay Clark and I am a sixth grader at Peabody Jr. High-High School.

I live on a black top road that is in between Burns and Peabody. This road is one of the main roads that school buses take to transport kids to school, not to mention high school kids who drive themselves to school and back every day.

It started snowing Feb. 27 on a Friday afternoon and ended Feb. 28 on a Saturday night. Sunday morning came, cloudy skies with no snow, sunshine by noon, and still no snow removal trucks. Melting occurred in the afternoon, but still no snow removal. By 6 p.m. refreezing occurred, and still no county snow removal trucks had come.

I wonder why our county doesn’t do a better job at keeping our roads clear. If I would have to work as a road clearer, I would get out there and clear the roads. If they don’t start clearing our roads properly and one day it gets really slick with ice on the roads, a car could get out of control and spin into the ditch just because the county didn’t do anything to clear the roads.

I hope that after the county sees this they will do a better job clearing our roads.

Hadlye Shay Clark


Last modified March 4, 2015