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To the editor

Big government

To the Editor:

As I observe another election cycle, I wonder what it is we’re voting for and what do we expect?

What is one thing that government at all levels can provide except to take it from somewhere? Does it pay itself, buy its own insurance, pay for its vacations, or anything else? Does it not come from us self-employed and those we hire? If this is true, then what is the benefit? Don’t we have to say that’s why our communities are dying?

We might say we don’t want to live in the past, but do we really like the present? We had thriving communities with many local businesses that served the needs of farmers and business. We knew who we were as man and woman, and as such, we fulfilled our roles in raising our families. We expected to be responsible to ourselves. Now we live in a society of self-pleasure, with no sense of right and wrong. Hasn’t all of this happened as government has taken away more and more of what we were responsible for?

Let me say again, what does government give and not take it away first? Self-government is our basic right!

These are things that I ponder and wonder about. How can we have economic development if government takes the opportunity away?

Think about it. Government has gotten more and more involved in our lives and as such we are losing more of our basic rights, morally and economically!

Jerry Plett, Lincolnville

Last modified Aug. 3, 2016