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A different view

To the editor:

I am disappointed that the editor would inject his personal thoughts into our upcoming election. I guess personal bias has a place, or does it?

I don’t think Mr. Crofoot’s feelings about the newspaper, or the editor, have any bearing on whether or not he would be a good commissioner.

I also don’t know that an absentee editor’s opinion holds much credibility. Residents of our community know these people well enough to vote, without giving credence to your “hearsay,” and frankly it has no place in the paper.

If you don’t know him, and have had few dealings with him, perhaps you should hold your thoughts. You mention “his hatred for various people and things including you and your newspaper;” if it is news, and worth mentioning, maybe it should be “quoted,” otherwise, I’m thinking your personal bias is showing, and that has no place in the newspaper.

Charlie Dannenfelser
Fairplay Township

Last modified Jan. 31, 2019