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Former residents enjoy newsletter

To the Editor:

Thanks for the Gazette. I always appreciate it and congratulations on Peabody being in the documentary film. I shall watch for it.

Happy holidays to all.


Betty (Shank) Coleman

Redwood City, Calif.

PHS class of 1942

To the Editor:

Thank the paper staff for again sending me the alumni edition of the paper.

I enjoy reading all of the new projects in Peabody. It must be a busy place.

Even though we moved away, we like to know Peabody is well taken care of. I have many memories of Peabody and will always call it home.

Esther (Heyland) Colwell

Hastings, MN.

PHS class of 1935

To the Editor:

We just received two papers from you dated Oct. 15. We look forward to them and read them from cover to cover.

However, we don’t feel you need to keep sending us two papers. We graduated together from Peabody High School in 1942 and married three months later. We just celebrated our 66th wedding anniversary.

So, you could cut down on your mailing and just send one paper. (And, please note, my name is Edith, not Edity!)

We still have family and many old friends in Peabody. We visit there once or twice a year. We will be coming down soon — the last week of October.

Thank you for your attention and our papers.


Edith and Harold Johnson

Windom, Minn.

PHS class of 1942

To the Editor:

Thank you for the recent copy of the Gazette-Bulletin. I have been impressed with the hard work Peabody has been doing to improve the town.

The effort will bear fruit and I know the Gazette-Bulletin is doing what it can to help the process along. You have been kind to send me the copies which I read and look for names of people I know or have known.

Several weeks ago, I fell backward and slammed my head on the floor. I also broke my hip. Typing has been more difficult since the fall. I was in the hospital for the repair of my hip. My memory was affected and my fingers do not behave very well on the keys of my typewriter. Well, perhaps for 93 years of age it is not too bad.

My birthday is coming Feb. 17, so I am nearing my 94th year. I thank the Lord for the fairly good health He has given me.

I hope things are going fairly well or very well in your editorial ministry.

When I was in graduate school I typed all my own papers and received an “A” on all of them. Well, I guess I can expect my abilities will diminish as the later years come upon me.

Thank you again for the paper.

With all best wishes,

Laurence M. Horst

Goshen, Ind.

PHS class of 1935

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