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Taught by Tracy Boldt

Dear Santa,

My name is Cannon. I am 6 years old. I have been good all year. The toy I want is an “ice dinosaur” Also a present to all the boys and girls. And Mrs. Boldt, she is a good teacher. Say hi to the reindeer and Mrs Claus.

Cannon Dunagan

Dear Santa,

How do the randers fliy? How Much do you have wind? How many howziz do you go to? Wut kind of cookees do you like?


Dear Santa,

I would like a guitar, semitruck, and four wheeler.

Ethan Jost

Dear Santa Claus,

I would like a guitar.

I would also like school clothes.

The game Sorry

DVDs— Dora, Max and Ruby

School stuff


I have been good this year.

Mylee Funk

Taught by Eleanor Jost

Dear Santa,

My name is Cashen Gann. I have been good and working cows. Please bring me a puppy and a remote control caranda race track. Can you bring this?

Cashen Gann

Dear Santa,

You give presents to Everyone. You give more presents to good boys and girls. Also, you put presents under the tree and thank you for that Santa! Thank you for being my friend Santa! I will be leaving you some cookies and milk when you stop by our house this Christmas. Happy travels! Love,

Joseph Kelley

Dear Santa,

My name is Khloe. I am 5 and a half years old. How Do you bring us presents if we don’t have a chimney? I will leave you cookies and carrots for your reindeer.Love,

Khloe Defiesta

Dear Santa,

Hose with a saddle. Even as crawn, spector. Amen lighted of avalor fairy house. Leave you cookies and milk for you carrots for Rudolph and other reindeers. Thank you.

Lilly Lemon

Taught by Sharon Sisk

Dear Santa,

I would like a skateboard, swamp police set, and a baseball helmet. How far is the north pole? How many elves do you have?

Maddox Hefley

Dear Santa,

I’m happy that my family makes Food I like. I would like you to bring me a remote control robot, a light up tree, a remote control car, glow shaker, (Globe) and please bring my Aunt Shianne a baby goat to bottle feed. I also want an I-pad with a lot of games, I really want Uncle Levi home. Please give my brothers and sisters good presents too. P.S. I want also a yo-yo.

Hunter Ogle

1st grade

Taught by Michelle Faul

Dear Santa,

What is it like north pole? Could I have an easyroller? I’ll make sure that my mom will make milk and cookies.

Samuel Werner

Dear Santa,

I would like a WWE toys. Santa how was your year. mine was Good I went hunting this year for Deer with Jessy my mom’s boyfriend I have a Girlfriend her name is Sage Mader. Are your Deer hungry I will give your Deer carrots. I would like pokemon cards.

Aiden Allen

Dear Santa,

I want a big transformer action figure that turns into a semi. I like your presents.

Thurston Silhan

2nd grade

Taught by Michele Beren

Dear Santa,

I hope that I am not on the nauty list because I really like hearing the Reindeers hoof’s on the roof and it is really fun finding my elf Jingle. Thank you Santa Clause. Santa I would like my very own electric Scooter.

Abigail Beavers

Dear Santa,

I wish I could see you in real life and see your real coat. What I want for Christmas is two neck warmers (the long kind) and a toothless stufft ainimal and a rock collection and a light night the looks like a aquarum and a rock book and more! You only give presents to the children that are good. Im glad that you are real. I neer get to here the bells on your slay or the hoofs of the reinder very well ether but that means I’m sleeping. And a lockness monster stufft animal. Have a merry Berry cherry Christmas!

Aimee Kelley

Dear Santa,

I want zoomerkitty, easy bake, lifesize tiger, Rrainbowdash stuffed animal.Love,

Pyper Hiebert

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been very good this year. I would like some winter clothes and board games and ipod and guitar. There will be chocolate cookies and milk again, I have not been naughty.

Khloe Funk

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