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LETTERS: Taxpayer upset about customer service at transfer station

To the editor:

My family is new to Marion County. We have been “weekenders” at Eastshore for about three years. Last year we had an opportunity to move here full time.

One of the things we discovered was a very weekender-friendly plan for trash disposal. Rather than paying a local contractor or hauling it to our full-time home, we were able to haul it to the county transfer station.

Since we are a two-person household and also have a trash compactor, garbage disposal, and are a bit fanatical about recycling, our trash volume is very low. As a result, we only need our trash removed about every three or four weeks.

Hauling trash has been an easy process and very consumer-friendly until Aug. 12. I usually take the trash to town on my way to work, just a bit before lunchtime.

Usually I would drive on the transfer station floor and employees would come and take the trash. I then would driven through and dispose of the recyclables.

It was a nice arrangement and very easy except Aug. 12.

I drove into the station and waited several minutes. I noticed there was someone operating a skid loader in the area where the recycled items are stored. Next, I honked and waited.

After several cycles of honking and waiting, I got out and climbed into the truck bed to unload my barrels to avoid being late for work.

As I was struggling with the largest barrel, a younger woman and her sons drove up behind me. They got out and helped me dispose of the trash.

I would like to thank the woman in the white truck with the dresser in the bed for her help.

Through all of this, not one transfer station employee came to the dump floor.

Janis Wright

Last modified Aug. 26, 2010