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LETTERS: Superlative thank-yous to superlative people

To the editor:

Flowers in the Flint Hills Committee, who organized the benefit for Marion City Library, wishes to thank many people.

First, we wish to thank the 11 gardeners — Cheryl and Erick Bransted, Shirley Jo and Rocky Hett, Teresa Huffman, Janie and Thad Meierhoff, Marge and Mick Summervill, and Peggi and Jim Wilson. All of you planted, pruned, watered, weeded, and worried (and in the case of Mick, painted) in preparation of the tour. May your thumbs never turn brown. The volunteers who helped in the six gardens on tour day and those who provided goodies for tourgoers are all wonderful.

Our thanks to the four county newspapers for fantastic publicity including glorious color photos. Hugs and kisses to Susan Berg and Patty Decker. We also are grateful for coverage in many regional publications.

Margo Yates of Marion Chamber of Commerce and County Economic Development Director Teresa Huffman were helpful and sympathetic. Thanks, David Crofoot, for loaning a golf cart. We appreciate the many businesses that allowed us to place posters on message boards and in windows. A big thank-you goes to Western Associates.

Janet Marler’s library staff was patient and good-natured as we added tasks to their already busy schedules. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Marion City Library board members who were willing to let us try something new.

The first Flowers in the Flint Hills Garden Tour was a resounding success, despite blistering July weather. Many of those enjoying the gardens came from outside Marion — we had visitors from 23 cities. We are not claiming visitors from Denver, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Australia came just for Flowers in the Flint Hills but we are proud that our event attracted them. We did have a visitor from Missouri who came because of the garden tour and stayed to take photos of historic buildings.

Visitors included our neighbors from Peabody and Hillsboro and garden-lovers from Sedgwick, Harvey, Reno, and McPherson counties. People also traveled from Arkansas City, Conway Springs, Douglas, Fredonia, Herington, Manhattan, and Overland Park.

The people strolled our Main Street and marveled at our wonderful library and lovely city park. They visited local stores including antique shops and the historical museum, and ate at our restaurants. Several gardeners took note of houses for sale at Marion County Park and Lake.

The Flowers in the Flint Hills Committee has considered this event more than a fundraiser for the library. We had hoped it would promote the Marion community.

Judging by those who asked when Flowers in the Flint Hills would be in 2011, this was a success.

Flowers in the Flint Hills
Janet Marler, librarian
Pam Bowers
Jeanice Thomas
Margaret Wilson

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