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Stopping painting

To the Editor:

We would like to compliment the four school board members who voted to end the practice of painting parking spaces at the school.

In response to David Colburn’s comments about the school board “squashing” a fun and creative activity, it was a decision brought about by a student wanting to make a political statement. Public property (school parking spaces) are not and should not be used for political statements.

The students could still have the privilege of painting on the parking spaces except for one student wanting to push his personal agenda of his private lifestyle.

The school board did not “nix” painting parking spaces altogether. The student council and principal can bring ideas before the board for consideration. The school board made the best possible decision under the circumstances.

We feel that their decision was not made lightly and only after much thought, discussion, and consideration.

Chuck and Gloria Seifert

Last modified Dec. 21, 2017