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Stop the lies

To the editor:

In a brief lecture I received from Margaret Wilson, a Marion resident, after the Marion City Council meeting Dec. 11, I was told people needed to mind their own business in regard to Kari Newell’s DUI record.

Margaret Wilson also said that her feelings were hurt by one of my letters to the editor. She wouldn’t identify which one. I’m assuming it was one published in the Nov. 15 issue of the Marion County Record.

I will not apologize for anything I said in that letter since it was based on my commonsense perception of the facts of the events leading up to the death the following day of 98-year-old Joan Meyer, a woman who would have been enjoying the peaceful environment of her own home had it not been for the illegal invasion by a corrupt police force.

Margaret Wilson said Joan Meyer was an old woman, giving the impression her life didn’t matter.

After watching the video snippets that can be accessed online at, it is very clear to see and understand that Joan Meyer was not in any way senile as some would lead others to believe.

What was obvious is that the raid gave the appearance of elder abuse.

It is not up to any group of individuals to determine when someone’s life is of no value and is to come to an end. It is God’s, our creator.

Perhaps Zach Hudlin should have arrested Joan Meyer, as heard on body cam, to show the world just how uncaring and corrupt Marion’s city government and county law enforcement can be.

I will never be convinced by anyone that there wasn’t a better, more caring way to handle the invasions of the homes of Eric and Joan Meyer and Ruth Herbel and her husband. Each of these home’s owners are or were considered senior citizens.

The release of videos, emails, and text messages and what clearly looks like corruption in raids carried out by law enforcement because of personal grievances against the Record office staff and an elected member of the city council do not lie. Corruption is corruption.

Stop the lies, accept responsibility, come down to a world of reality, cut ties to the grapevine of gossip, and perhaps Marion’s incoming new mayor can support his “Let’s grow stronger together!” slogan by having it published in the Marion County Record instead of the Hillsboro Free Press.

Perhaps Marion’s city council might want to invest in a mental health plan for its city government rather than enormous legal fees.

Let’s instill a favorable image of Marion for the world to see rather than one of corruption. It starts with honesty and each individual accepting responsibility for their part in events leading to Marion’s disgrace of the year.

And if anyone takes offense to my comments in this letter, all I can say is, “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

Arlene Stika, Lincolnville

Last modified Dec. 21, 2023