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LETTERS: Sour grapes lead to assault

Sour grapes leads to assault on checks and balances

Please read Paul White’s excellent letter to the editor in the Feb. 27, 2013 edition of the Marion County newspapers. If you have recycled your newspaper already, check it out online.

Paul has addressed the issue of removing the checks and balances system of our three branches of governance: the executive, legislative, and judicial.

This attempt, that was originally elicited by the executive branch, was dutifully picked up by the legislative branch. The issue is a sour-grapes response to court’s decision that the state does not meet its obligation to fund schools.

Obviously, there is no forethought given by those promoting this Constitutional change. The power structure will change in the future to another party in power. What will they do then?

It would be remiss of me not to reaffirm Paul’s reference to sales tax. It is nearly 10 percent now in some Marion County communities. Even 9 cents out of every dollar one spends is exorbitant. Let’s go for a balance of tax sources.

Contact your Reps. Don Schroeder and John Barker as well as Sen. Jay Emler alerting them that their constituents care about having representative governance and responsible tax policy.

Neysa Eberhard

Last modified March 6, 2013