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LETTERS: Slow down for safety's sake

To the editor:

I live on Lakeshore Drive at Marion County Lake and I am becoming very concerned about the high frequency at which people break the speed limit here.

On most of Lakeshore Drive, the limit is 25 mph and I often see people who appear to be traveling over 40 mph.

This road is used heavily by walkers, joggers, and bicyclers, and this includes many children. There are many hills, curves, and intersections around the lake. These make it a very dangerous road for driving fast.

Some of this is being done absent-mindedly, but some is done deliberately and without respect for others, with no regard for following the rules of society.

A few days ago, while walking my dog, a fast car approached and I flashed two and five fingers indicating 25 mph. The driver honked at me but never slowed down.

All ages of drivers are guilty of this fast driving, not just the young. Adults — please drive responsibly and obey the speed limits. Parents — please counsel your teenagers about the dangers of fast driving at the Lake. There have been several pets killed by cars — let’s not add any people to the list.

Paul White

Last modified June 15, 2011