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LETTERS: Retired soldier looking for photo

To the editor:

My name is Kenneth Johnson from Middletown, Ohio.
Albert E. Moore of Peabody was in my night patrol squad when he was killed in action
a few hundred yards from me during The Battle of The Bulge, December 1944, in Luxembourg. He was my best friend and it was a great loss to the military and me.

I would like very much to get a copy of his 1940 senior yearbook photo. I tried the high school, library, nursing home, historical society, and American Legion Post 95. The Peabody Township Library has his sophomore yearbook and it has
about 30 students in it including Albert.

I tried calling and e-mailing some of the students but
no one contacted me. Someone in Peabody has a 1940 yearbook but I can’t find it. Librarian Mildred Buller was kind enough to send me the photo from Albert’s sophomore year. It is much smaller than the senior year picture.

Two German soldiers captured Albert. As they were taking him back to their lines, he knocked one down and was fighting the other one when the German soldier on the
ground shot him in the upper leg and hip. The Germans left him and he bled to death before our troops could get him back to the medical station.

I would be forever grateful if you could locate someone who has a 1940 yearbook.

Ken Johnson
Middletown, Ohio

(Anyone with information can call the newspaper office at (620) 983-2185.)

Last modified Sept. 15, 2010