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LETTERS: Resident shares story of Linden tree

To the editor,

The delightful fragrance near the Peabody Carnegie Library’s blooming Linden tree has had people asking, “what smells so good and where is it?”

Lindens are sometimes called limes in Europe (a true lime is actually a citrus tree) and are well-known as a source of bee food, making a delicious Linden tree honey.

There is another nice Linden tree in the former Les Buchanan yard north of Indian Guide Terrace on Vine Street. The current issue of “Back Home” magazine has a good article on Linden trees.

According to life-long Peabody resident Ross Baker, the Business and Professional Women’s club in Peabody planted the Lindens during Cleo DeForest Days. It should be fairly easy to document this fact, but it may leave one to wonder why this seldom planted (and greatly underused) tree was chosen.

The fragrant trees apparently are another legacy of the women of Peabody.

Marilyn Jones

Last modified June 24, 2010