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LETTERS: Postal delays clarified

To the editor:

Several points in an editorial about the U.S. Postal Service, published in last week’s Hillsboro Star-Journal, Marion County Record, and Peabody Gazette-Bulletin require clarification.

The Postal Service is working hard to deliver the best possible service for all customers, including those who subscribe to local newspapers.

Due to the rapid decline of first-class mail, the Postal Service is realigning its vast mail processing network. The transition to a new network has been a smooth one so far, but not without a few glitches.

We’re taking the necessary steps to correct them. If individuals are having a particular service issue, they should contact the Postal Service either by calling 1 (800) 275-8777 or on our website at

It’s important to note that while service standards for local overnight first-class mail have not changed, they have for periodicals.

Last July national service standards for periodicals (newspapers and magazines) changed from one to nine days to two to nine days, depending on the destination of the mailing.

The Postal Service will continue to work with the publisher of the Hillsboro Star-Journal, Peabody Gazette-Bulletin, and Marion County Record to ensure periodicals get to their destination as quickly as possible. Our goal is always to meet — and whenever possible exceed — our customers’ expectations.

Contrary to the editorial, dedicated employees in our Kansas City mail processing center give all mail priority handling using applicable service standards for each mail class. Advertising mail does not receive preferential treatment over periodicals, and drop or direct shipments to post offices are available to all mailers who qualify.

We appreciate our customers business and ask for their continued patience as the Postal Service adapts to Americans changing mailing habits.

Rick Pivovar
District manager
U.S. Postal Service

Last modified March 21, 2013