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LETTERS: People didn't need to know about bomb threat

People didn’t need to know about bomb threat

To the editor:

I take issue with newspaper reports about the bomb threat at Peabody-Burns Jr-High School. Was “Press and Public Not Notified” headline worthy? No. It was frustration over being “left out.”

The article also tried to pit people and organizations against each other if they weren’t told, or weren’t told soon enough. Was the fact that the public, press, and some selected individuals weren’t notified the main issue here? No.

This was an active investigation. Active investigations are kept to a need to know basis. Parents and students, who did have a need to know, were advised.

A better focus would be: “In a coordinated effort, the school district, State and local law enforcement, responded to and investigated a bomb threat. Appropriate action was taken to ensure safety. No injuries occurred. Thank you for a job well done!”

Our national media 24 hour news cycle continually reports all types of minutia leads us to think we are entitled to know everything about everyone. It is also geared to continually find fault. For us to do that here, becomes harmful to our community.

The insinuation that a cover-up was at play by reporting the suspect “may” be connected to “school or law enforcement personnel” was unwarranted. Please report facts, not insinuations.

I say (and hope the community will join me): Thank you Peabody Police Department, Thank you Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Thank you Kansas State Troopers, Thank you Peabody-Burns School District and all others who worked long and hard to keep us safe.

Jan O’Neil, Peabody

Last modified March 13, 2013