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LETTERS: Keep experienced people in aging department

To the editor:

I am really appalled at the idea of taking Lanell Hett out of the Marion County Department on Aging part of the time. Her years in that office have made her so knowledgeable. Aging Department Coordinator Gayla Ratzlaff and Lanell are so good in that office and so much help to the elderly. Lanell needs to be there all the time, especially when Gayla has to be out of the office.

There needs to be someone with the knowledge she has to be there to help the elderly, which could be any time during business hours in a week.

I was a member of the board of directors for Senior Citizens of Marion County Inc. for 11 years when I lived in Florence and Marion. I was vice chairman and chairman for more than two years. I remember times when I needed assistance and Lanell was there to help me.

It seems like every time someone wants to take things away, it is just like us old people to just disappear so we aren’t a problem. But remember, everyone will be old someday. Will your children want to take you in and take care of you like it used to be?

Now with more help available to the elderly, they can take care of themselves and others don’t have to always take care of them.

Please leave Lanell in that office every day so she is there to help Gayla and us.

Estelle McCarty

Last modified May 25, 2011