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LETTERS: Just the facts, please

To the editor:

In the race for 1st District congressional race, we are told that there is little difference between the candidates. Let’s examine the facts.

Fact: There is only one proven conservative leader: Tim Huelskamp. Check the facts, i.e. his voting record in the State Senate.

Fact: Tracey Mann and Ron Wasinger claim to be long-time Kansas residents. Check the facts: neither one was registered to vote in Kansas until last year.

Fact: Jim Barnett, Wasinger, Mann, and Huelskamp are all in favor of repealing Obamacare. But while in the State Senate, Barnett supported an initiative akin to the federal health care mandate. The only one of these men with any kind of a record that suggests he would actually stand up against the Obama agenda is Tim Huelskamp.

Check out his voting record with Kansas Taxpayers. Do an independent Internet search and see how much heat Huelskamp has taken for his conservative stances.

I am voting for Tim Huelskamp because we need a proven leader who does not just talk conservative principles, but votes conservative principles, and fact: never backs down from conservative principles.

David Marsh

Last modified July 21, 2010