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Government takes

To the editor:

After reading about the public meeting on roads, I might be a fool, but I thought, honestly, what would anyone expect?

Government never does anything except at our expense. The more government gets involved at any level, the worse it gets, the less we have, to the point that we don’t even know how to provide for ourselves. At some point we will all starve! I think the best comment was when farmers were asked afterward if anything would change, and they said, “No.”

How much money would it take to satisfy the demands of government and the education establishment? They need more and more of it. I wonder when they would have enough.

And what would it change? Would it stop broken homes or solve any of the other moral problems that exist in our communities? The proof is the money that has been spent so far has only made things worse. Isn’t that right?

Where do kids come from, schools? Where do parents come from, Washington? I’ll never forget when we started having our children. I told my wife we have children just for government. When are we going to see that? Seems we aren’t able or don’t care about what is happening to us.

Federal government rules state government, state government rules local government, and local government rules the individual, who feeds all. It’s the individual. Why do we look to government to solve our problem when it is the problem?  

— Jerry Plett

Last modified July 30, 2015