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LETTERS: Fireworks were great

To the editor:

Lots of time and effort were involved in making the firework show such a success, yet again. Watching the time and energy my parents and all the other volunteers had to invest in order to make Peabody the place to be on the Fourth of July made me so proud to be from this great community.

Because we are so used to the show serving as a staple for this special holiday in Peabody, it is sometimes easy to forget that it takes a lot of work by many. Pete and Lisa Hodges work on arrangements all year long, in order for us to be able to enjoy the spectacular event. If anyone sees them out and about I strongly encourage you to take a minute and let them know how appreciative you are for their commitment, pride, patience and determination that all go in to what we all love to be a part of.

I have heard several times that this show was the best yet, and people loved the new set pieces and fireworks. Thanks again!

Paige Barnes

Last modified July 12, 2012